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Temporary housing residents participate in a disaster drill

As part of the continuous support for residents of temporary housing, JEN cooperates with the residents' association to hold a disaster drill.
This time we report how we have conducted a drill to supply food to disaster victims as a part of the drill. In case of a disaster, there will be no hope of receiving public assistance for at least three days in the post-disaster period due to disruption of lifelines or severed distribution systems, though they had no direct damage from the tsunami or earthquake fire. By the time some relief from outside arrives, self-reliant efforts and mutual assistance are indispensable.

The general principle of temporary housing scheme was to pick sites avoiding places affected by the tsunami and to choose residents by lottery regardless of their communities, as a result in many cases residents from different regions or hometowns came to live together.
That's why it is critical that the residents are trained in preparation for disaster so that they can cooperate with each other beyond community difference. This was the third time the drill in supplying food to disaster victims had been held, as well as evacuation and emergency life guard drill.

【Temporary housing residents gathered at a community hall. 】


This drill was conducted under the mentorship of "camper", a nonprofit organization who specializes in area protection against disaster and securing of food supplies in emergencies. JEN's local staff also took part in the drill.

【It's time to start cooking!】




The participating residents expressed their impressions saying, "I was lucky to be able to learn how to supply food for disaster victims from regional disaster prevention perspective.", "I feel that it would be nice to perform this drill routinely as a housing estate event."

【Now it's done. Take a break!】

In the wake of the disaster, it is the importance of area protection against disaster and mutual assistance in community that has got a lot of attention afresh. JEN will continue to address assistance activities for local community aimed at realizing a society where people there help each other and put their minds together.


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