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Ramadan has been ended!

At the end of Ramadan and in honor of Eid al-Fitr (Lesser Bairam). Most Iraqi families prepare sweets, and Klaicha (which is preferable) for consumption during Eid. Klaicha is kind of sweetened pastry that can be filled with dates or nuts.


The three days Eid activities begin for the Iraqi family at dawn of the first, through the Eid prayer at sunrise, Iraqi families have become accustomed  to begin the first day by conducting an early visit to the cemetery, to put flowers on the graves of family members (This event is limited to adults only). 
Another important ritual of the Iraqi families, is the gathering of married siblings and their families at the father’s or eldest brother’s house in the first day, to exchange greetings and have lunch together.

The remaining days of the Eid are spent either by family visits with neighbors, relatives and friends. Some of Eid's time spend with kids, visiting games-area and parks available in the city, in Baghdad there’s Al-Zawraa park which includes a large green area, zoo and games for children, the children have fun and enjoy the holiday without feeling deprived.


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