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Quick snapshot of a come back

Only in Haiti, this board seen in Grand Goave says: “Cautious: we ask people to not “shit” aside the sea please”

I have crossed much tenser highway to hell than Haiti on earth. But this one remains peculiar and somehow quite stable… in its inimitableness.  Actually I do not know any other country where I could face, the same day, so many odd or funny stories to count. Perhaps is it one of the reasons I came back, while knowing that what is funny today will certainly become much more stressing in few months’ time, when I’ll be pessimistically desperate about any possibility of change in Haiti, as anybody does. Perhaps one of the chances of Haiti resides finally in its capacity of attraction of new people, over-motivated to help it, before they become cynical.

Nonetheless I could really not think about any other country in the world where, in less than 2 hours, I would have to manage our dog that caught a new house’s owner’s guinea fowl and the said owner whose the story makes laugh a lot fortunately; 2 slashes wheels on the same car at few minutes interval; a disappearing Internet to fix, the provider’s hot line being almost unable to propose another solution than plugging the modem ; the fridge being connected on a kitchen (that does not have water)’s plug  that does not work half of the day, when there is no city electricity, because “it’s not needed to have it working full day, it’s more important to have the TV”; and, finally, the safe’s key being handed-over by mistake to the former landlord instead of his house’s keys.

To conclude, another – already cynical - snapshot of what Haiti is, through the Olympic Games that are currently on-going while not really followed-up in here understandably: only 5 Haitian athletes participate to the Games. Four of them born, raised and still live and train in the USA.

August 16, 2012 in Haiti |