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Northern region: Meeting the users of wells repaired last year

From January to June 2011, JEN repaired and cleaned wells in Vavuniya district, Vavuniya County. This time, we monitored the condition of the wells and how the local residents were using them. Though we could check only a small portion of all 406 repaired wells, we were able to see how the wells were supporting the people’s lives.
Here is an example:

This man returned to his home in October 2010. Using water drawn from the repaired well, he grows a large field of peanuts. The peanut seeds were purchased from the government, and the harvest would be sold to the government at a fair price. Such arrangements are made to help individual farmers, whose sales prices are often beat down in the market.

It was the harvest season and there were loads of peanuts in the storehouse.

(There were enough peanuts to make a comfortable bed!)

This project was carried out with grant funding from JPF and our supporters. JEN continues to receive funding and maintains its activities in northern Mullaittivu district.

August 2, 2012 in Sri Lanka |