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Everyday Struggles -Adliya’s Story-

In the last few days, as part of a look into the selection process of schools, we visited the village of Ganji. Here we came across a woman – and today, we introduce her story.

Adliya Poni is a 57-year-old mother of 6. Her husband passed away in a land mine incident 15 years ago (1985), and with many family members lost to war Adliya raises her 6 children by herself.


One of her children is married, another an unemployed university graduate, whilst the remaining four children still attend school –which does not come free. Adliya works as a cleaner in a clinic and earns £280 per month (approx. ¥4480), somehow managing to make this suffice.

[Adliya attending to the clinic staff’s lodgings]

Whilst speaking to us, Adliya was unable to control her tears. Despite surviving the war, it seems long-term emotional effects still linger, something which she has managed to endure. It felt like a typical day in the life of Adliya.

[Program Officer Haileseless Meles]

August 30, 2012 in South Sudan |