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Energy Drink

This time, I would like to share the story about people in the village. After the research at Kulipapa elementary school which was mentioned in the last entry, we had coffee and tea at the tea shop right by the school.

[left black tea, right coffee]

The owner of this outdoor tea shop is Ms. Esther, 28. She served us a glass of coffee for 2 pounds (about 60yen) and a glass of tea for 1 pound (about 30yen).

[Ms. Esther is making tea]

Ms. Esther is a mom of 3. Their dad had gone to Juba to find a job but it is not going very well that Esther has opened the tea shop by the school since this March.

Here is how she boils water with the equipment.

After the water is boiled with this kettle, she pours the hot water to used tea leaves in the strainer. When it comes to coffee, she brew with this pot and done. Sugar adds some flavor to it.

Why she opened the tea shop here is that there are more people who work at the construction site and also there are more houses have been built around the school that many people from the village pass by.

[people from the village taking a break at Esther’s tea shop]

At 6 in the morning, she takes an hour to get some water for her business, then open the shop around 8 and works until 4:30.

It has not decided yet whether a well will be built at this school, but if it ever happens, mom who works pretty hard like her would not have to take an hour to go all the way to get water. Also they can relax a bit more while raising 3 children.

[Esther, shared a story about her business as she caresses her child.]

Each of us had a cup of energy drink by Esther then took a bumpy road for 2 hours.

(Head of Juba Office, Shu NIshimaru)

August 2, 2012 in South Sudan |