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Connection to Haitian electricity network②

Knowing all these things for a while I had to truly experience it while connecting JEN Leogane office to the network.

As feared it took more than a month to get a technician on site to evaluate the length of the cable needed. Still we can consider ourselves lucky as being located in the heart of Leogane centre, right next to existing network!


EDH not having any cable in stock these days it is the owner of the house that had to buy the very expensive electric cable: 2.5USD/foot so 450USD in total for our office.

Added to the 250USD fee for subscription it is a total of 700USD to get connected to a network that provides electricity irregularly anyway…

Considering that this amount of money does represents up to 6 months of salaries for the rare lucky Haitians having a job it will for sure take a lot of time to change mentalities and make Haitians believe an understand that the best way to get a reliable network eventually is to start by stopping illegal connections.

Did I hear talking about vicious circle?

August 2, 2012 in Haiti |