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What can we do by 500 yen? ~Life in Colombo~

The theme of this blog on late March “Cost of Living”.
We guess some of you have been interested to how much money to be spent for living there. Today, we will consider what we can buy in Colombo by one coin, 500 yen. At present exchange rate, 500 Japanese yen is about 800 Sri Lanka rupees. It seems not affordable money if we write “a 500 rupees bill plus three 100 rupees bills”. Meal of Sri Lanka is said to be curry three times a day. 4kgs of Dal Beans, one of popular ingredients can be bought.


It is necessary for curry, chili which can be bought 2.2kgs. To give examples in common vegetable for Japanese, 3.9kgs of tomato, 5.3kgs of carrot, 5.5kgs of green beans and 1kgs of minced chicken meal can be bought.


Can you see some of the prices of commodity in Colombo?
In News Letter in July, will have the feature what can we buy by 500 yen? ~Aid for returnees in North area~.  Please read it.

July 5, 2012 in Sri Lanka |