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Voice of Parents of the children receiving health education

JEN is now enforcing health education program for 61,352 children of 78 schools in  Bagram district and Jabul Saraj District.

Teachers, who attended JEN’s health education instruction at the beginning of this year, have started lectures to their students from May. Since then, the children have been learning knowledge and its practice at the opening of each class.

According to the hearing investigation to teachers and village people last year and the report from the education authority in Province of Parwan, the children living these  districts had not received any health education and been frequently troubled by diarrhea and cholera diseases.

So now, 2 months have been passed since starting health education lecture at schools. Is there any change of knowledge, behavior or action of the children?

Today, we acquaint feedback from the parents of the children who receiving the health education.

Mr. Arif (Father of child attending Azizurahman Shaheed Boys' Middle School of Province of Parwan)


“Since one day, 5 school years of my son has started to talk about health education. He tells me about importance of safe drinkable water, pure water origin and hands wash. My son and I would like to continue to study many. I am delighted that my son teaches me like a doctor something I did not know. As it is now, whole my family is practicing these things. If the knowledge becomes widespread to each household like our case, we could see more positive effect.
I appreciate JEN enforced such health education to us.''

July 12, 2012 in Afghanistan |