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The Villager who understand, Monitoring by Japan Platform

The programs conducted from last May to this April were supported by Japan Platform and all of your support. The outcome of the program was inspected by the monitoring team of Japan Platform on this June 30th.


We headed to Lainya from Juba under the bad road condition which took three hours and interviewed the director of Lainya county to exchange information about the activities of JEN. Afterwards, we then drove to Kenny village, a hinterland under the bad road condition and confirmed the well which was maintained by the repair person.

【Interviewing the Mayor by the Member of Japan Platform and the Staff of JEN】

The mayor of the Kenny village said “we learned that daily maintenance and checking is necessary instead of repairing after being out of order”. Presently, the well that JEN supported is being inspected trice a month and the maintenance fee which is 25 dollars a month is paid to the Repairs Association where the repair person belongs.

【The Mayor explaining the situation of the well (center)】

Other than that, the Mayor asked” there are parts that needs to be exchanged and we would like to ask to provide these parts if it is available”. So we asked the number of household of the villagers and proposed” Why not ask the villagers to share and buy the parts?” and then “we understand that this is to be depend on your own however, we just asked if it is possible to ask it from the Japanese” explaining while laughing.

The villagers are becoming depend on themselves, it was a moment to feel that they are also being clever to achieve more support from the supporting group.
We express our special thanks to the Monitoring Team of Japan Platform spending 6 hours back and forth to inspect.

[Head of Juba Office, Shu Nishimaru]

July 5, 2012 in South Sudan |