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Teaching materials are ready!

We received the new teaching means whose design was developed by JEN with collaboration of the Ministry of Education, we intend to distribute them to students during this project, to promote hygiene awareness between students and encourage them to develop hygienic habits:
The first is for primary school students has a calendar to remind them to brush their teeth every day, which can be checked by the teacher to encourage them to keep on brushing their teeth,




The second is a box to collect rubbish that the student generate during a lesson duration (pencil shavings, discarded tissue etc…) and encourages them to empty it in the waste basket when the lesson is finished, this is to discourage students from throwing these things on the floor and help them develop the habit of keeping the surroundings clean .



JEN is continuing in her commitment and efforts to encourage hygienic habits among students due to our belief that they are the seeds that can be spread and influence the whole community to lead a better, healthier life.

July 12, 2012 in Iraq |