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Restoring a vibrant fishery 2!: Banya(fishermen's lodge) project starts

JEN has been tackling with a broad range of assistance for fishery reconstruction in Ishinomaki since last year. This time we are going to introduce the second report on our assistance action in ten coasts, which are under the control of the Ishinomaki branch office of the Japan Fisheries Cooperatives, or JF. Refer here for our assistance to ten coasts in Ishinomaki so far. The first prefabricated Banya was set up yesterday at Momoura.

【Pray for safety before setting up】


By the way, Banya is a fishermen's vernacular word which means a place or lodge where fishermen work and take a rest. As this photo shows, almost all of the harbor facilities and housing of Momoura have been devastated by the tsunami. Sixteen fishermen there are now working on recovering coastal fishing. They are living in temporary houses or hired private houses far away from their workplace, the seashore of Momoura. Some of them commute from a place within Sendai city about eighty kilometers from the workplace. The height of summer is just around the corner but live-out fishermen don't have even a place to stop for lunch. 

【Banya set up】

Banya was set up at the place in front of the harbor, on which place a branch office of JF used to stand. "This will allow us to sit down and work during summer. We really appreciate your assistance!"

【"Thank you!" They are shaking hands with a firm grip.】

JEN is committed to continued efforts to support self-reliance efforts of afflicted people (days and months to come). Installation of Banya is scheduled to take place at five other places including shared use starting with Momoura.
We will report in series how Banya setting up takes place.

【Taking a commemorative photo with fishermen of Momoura】

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