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Ramadan holy month of Muslim has been begun

The Islamic month of Ramadan has begun last Friday, during this month Muslims around the world fast (abstain from eating and drinking) every day from sunup till sundown.
It is said that Ramadan days this year are the longest and hottest in 33 years with fasting period averaging 16 hours / day in the Middle East.

As you can imagine the effect on people working outside every day is brutal specially since they can’t drink water during the day.

【People working on rehabilitation work】



But our workers and engineers try to minimize the effects of heat on their work by dunking towels in the water and putting them on their heads, bringing dates and yogurt drink to work so they can break their fast when the time comes and won’t need to hurry home earlier than usual in order to be there before sundown.

【Dates and yogurt drink】

【Typical Iraqi family breaking fast (Iftar) spread】

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