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New staff in Islamabad office

My name is Humaria Wahab.
I start working in JEN from 22nd July as a Administration and Financial officer.I am glad for being part of JEN,

I am at the stage of starting my career; I did BBA (Bachelor Business Administration) from Preston University Peshawar, specialized in marketing/finance with the continuation of my private BA in IR/Sociology from Peshawar University.
After I complete my studies in Jan-2010, I start working in humanitarian area.
Since February 2010, I was working in INGO through the end of the project.. But I feel more than lucky and more than proud that now I am being a part of JEN and continue working in this area. I am very proud to join those programs of Afghanistan, and believe this project will support many Afghanis.

“I believe that when you try & struggle for something, you can get the things in the shape you want”.
Here all my colleagues are good in nature and work and want to learn many things from them.
I am hoping for the future that we will have a very good time together, and will gain the tasks in a respective way.

Thanks All-mighty who is blessing me for my goals, & for my struggles.
Thanks to my mother & sister to give me moral and financial support in a very lovely way.

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