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East: Why don’t you look at construction site for agricultural wells

We introduce it in a virtual world. It is about a project which has begun in the three areas of East Batticaloa (2nd area from the top and two in the bottom of the 6 areas in the map below) since the end of February. Currently, it is under construction of wells for agricultural use.

[Map of Batticaloa]

The standard size of agricultural wells which JEN has been constructing is 3 m width and 9 m depth.  We dig a bit wider for the masonry work after.

We will move to the masonry work after we confirm the sufficient amount of springwater after excavation work.

Stacked the blocks (small cracked blocks will be utilized to fill the gap)

In the middle, reinforced with wire of iron

We’ve finally reached to the ground.

We grout the well’s wall with cement after this, and landfill where we dug over the well’s  width. When we clean the well, the work is completed. The whole processes take about 2 weeks if it goes smoothly.

July 19, 2012 in Sri Lanka |