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The sports meeting at Higashihama primary school united the heart of people

On Saturday, May 26th, a bright and clear day, a joint sports meeting of primary school and kindergarten children was held at Higashihama primary school in the Oshika Peninsula. Local people also joined the sports meeting and people from UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. rushed there to help organize the event with members of JEN. Higashihama primary school has twenty-two schoolchildren with a kindergarten within its premise and the schoolchildren are all good friends. While many Tairyo-bata (fishing boat flags) are flying in the schoolyard, the schoolchildren were playing games with stars in their eyes with strong vocal support from local people.

【"Go for it!" Vocal support is ringing out from the crowd.】

【People from UBS are helping to organize the sports meeting. 】

After many games, "Shishi-Furi"(a traditional dance with a lion's mask) was performed by the schoolchildren. The traditional dance to pray for bumper catches and crops was transmitted from the schoolchildren and the Shishi(lion) began to dance as if it was alive.

【"Shishi-Furi" traditional dance with a lion's mask: festival music began to ring】

【"Shishi-Furi" traditional dance with a lion's mask: Sleeping Shishi comes to life.】

Both members of JEN and UBS also had the pleasure of joining the game of Tama-ire(ball-toss game), tug of war, and a relay race. At the relay race every team was determined to win and looked very serious. With strong vocal support from the audience like "Go for it!" and "Keep in there!", JEN staff passed the baton from person to person in the relay race. The audience gave warm cheers and applauses to us saying, "Good run, you must be tired!" and so we felt united with the local people.

We saw many people in T-shirts with words written on them in dialect meaning, "You bastard Tsunami. Don't mess with me." These words show us the sturdy courage and strong spirit of the people in the coastal areas. Just like how a relay baton was passed from person to person, the baton of recovery will be passed on to children in the same way. JEN is looking forward to the day when many Tairyo-batas fly in every area of Higashihama and will continue to stand by the local people until they reach the finish line.


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