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New recruits of GSK trained onsite in Ishinnomaki as members of society, as MR's

Earlier this month, GlaxoSmithKline, or GSK, conducted its introduction training for new recruits at Samurai-hama and Kitsunesaki-hama in the city of Ishinomaki and Hiraiso-hama in the town of Minami-sanriku. These are places where JEN continue supportive activities. During the five-day training, the recruits worked on making mother shells for oyster cultures, scraping holdfasts of kelps and coring kelps. To make a mother shell, you have to first pierce a hole in each scallop shell with a hammer and then run a wire through the hole to make a string of scallop shells. Young oysters settle in the scallop shells and grow for 2-3 years until harvest time.

【They are making mother shells: small holes are being pierced in scallop shells to pass the wire.】

【They have scraped about 5,000 kilos of holdfasts of kelps.】

Since people from GSK actually saw holdfasts of kelps and mother shells for the first time during their volunteer work, they seemed to have a profound interest of learning about the time and effort the fishermen dedicate to their products until they appear on store shelves. They received on-the-job training from friendly fishermen and they learned to carry out their assignment neatly as the days went by. On the fourth day of training, they visited the Ishinomaki Red Cross hospital and listened to the assistant manager talk about the disaster relief and the chief nurse talk about "the record of their initial response to the disaster".

Since the Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital had provided training exercises for disasters on a routine basis, they could quickly and calmly set up disaster headquarters and a triage system (the sorting of patients according to the urgency of their need for care and emergency transport) and begin relief operations. The video footage of the tsunami made the trainees gasp in surprise and the chief nurse said to them, "What we have learned from the disaster should not fade with time! The concept of teamwork is very important, we can't save lives without making a team." These remarks seized the hearts and minds of the people from GSK, who are going to be involved in medical care as medical representatives, or MR. The staff of JEN also had a sense of self-renewal.

【People from GSK are listening to the manager at Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital.】

On the last day of the training, an evaluation meeting was held and people from GSK exchanged their opinions and impressions. One person stated, "After being on the scene here at Ishinomaki, I feel that the recovery is still lagging." Another person said, "I was relieved to see the fishermen responding positively to their situation."

【They are reviewing this training!】

The five-day training changed the people of GSK, who now have a new attitude towards the situation in Ishinomaki after experiencing the problem first-hand.
They also helped the staff of JEN acknowledge the importance of their activities, and so the training was a real success.

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