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New recruits of RICOH trained onsite as members of society: in an effort to help recover fishery in Minamisanriku-Cho

The training for new recruits of Ricoh Company, Ltd. took place recently. The first group of recruits trained from May 23(Tuesday) to 25(Friday) and the second group trained from May 30(Tuesday) to June 1(Friday). With two 92-member crews, a total of 184 new recruits participated in the training. Before their training, on the 22th(Monday) and 29th(Monday), they visited Ishinomaki and set out on a tour by bus to see a pile of rubble at the Ishinomaki industrial port, the situation of land subsidence near Ishinomaki fish market, and to listen to a narrator express what the scene of the disaster was like after getting off the bus in front of Kadowaki primary school. One of the employees who first visited the affected area said, "Although overwhelming images have been shown on TV many times, I was really shocked to see this burned primary school with my own eyes.

After the tour they moved to the Higashi-Matsushima community center (Yugakukan for the second crew) and attended an orientation where they were told about the objectives and details of the activities by JEN staff and were divided into groups to discuss each goal and write them on paper, and the day ended.

【The orientation taking place.】

The ninety-two new recruits of the first crew were divided into three groups and worked on making sandbags, scraping holdfasts off kelps, and sorting kelps and wakame (soft seaweed) at Motohama, Aratogihama and Shimizu, the coastal areas of Minamisannriku-town. The second crew also was divided into three groups and worked on the same operations at Sodehama, Sasameura, Hyashi, Motohama and Hiraiso.

Each group worked hard communicating with local fishermen. Making sandbags was an especially demanding task, and one of the new recruits who was hard at work said with large beads of sweat on his forehead, "Although it's a tough job, I feel deeply fulfilled!"

【They are churning out sandbags.】


The sandbags, which weigh about fifty kilograms each, are used in almost all aquaculture facilities like oyster cultures and wakame cultures. In order for the fishermen to put oyster culture facilities back the way they used to be, they need tens of thousands of sandbags. This time the goal was set to produce about 8,000 sandbags collectively, but the new recruits strove to exceed it substantially by 1,622 sandbags.

Local fishermen were so pleased that they presented scallops to the new recruits and a barbeque party was held right off on the beach. They enjoyed it very much.

【Fishermen presented scallops to the new recruits.】

On the final day, a review meeting was held. Each group exchanged opinions on the progress of their goals, the significance of social action programs and awareness raised during these activities. "Instead of merely providing for aid supply, we have to get involved with people there and thus it's necessary to tell others what we saw." one said. "I realized how important it is to look and listen on the scene. My view on providing assistance has changed at the sight of the scene of the disaster. I will visit the scene of the disaster for years to come."another stated. If we can share the situation of the disaster area with as many people as possible through these activities, it can also be helpful for the disaster area.

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