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Making yukata for hopes: quality time at the Ohara meeting place in the Oshika Peninsula

The summer community festival of Ohara-hama in the Oshika Peninsula is expected to take place in July. In order to respond to the local people's wish to participate in the summer festival in "yukata"(summer cotton kimono), JEN purchased twenty-five rolls of cloth from a quake-stricken kimono shop in
Sendai and provided them for those people living in temporary homes and tsunami-hit houses. Sewing the yukata at the Ohara meeting place began on Wednesday, the 13th of June.

【They are sewing yukata.】

The local people enjoyed sewing, saying, "Without kuge-desk (a small desk), sewing is really demanding!", "I've never done sewing before, so I don't even know what to do!" As handy tools to make yukata were not available, they had to work together to complete the task.

【How do  you suggest I stitch up here?】

With one month left before the summer festival, they are going into the last stage of the procedure to make yukata for themselves and their grandsons. "I'll do it!" roared some of them, but I was afraid that they might over-do it. The ward head started a fire outside the meeting place to bake oysters and presented it to the people. JEN staffs were also treated to some of these baked scallops. I think scallops prepared in this fashion tastes the best.

【Baked oysters】

JEN will continue to involve in area rehabilitation activities through community assistance.

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