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Life at JEN in D I Khan

Working and living at JEN Office accommodation is based on cooperation, hard work, sincerity, and happiness. Simply, we call it the JEN Family.

We start our activities early at 4:30 in the morning by offering the morning prayer.


At 8:30, breakfast is ready and at 9:00, the office opens up. We have the same duty hours as the head office in Islamabad with an hour break for lunch and prayer. All staff go work on their tasks; Team 1 goes to the warehouse to monitor the quarantine of goats, Team 2 moves to the field for follow-up, Team 3 plans for distribution and security guards, and drivers and admin staff are there to assist the teams. By COB, all teams come back to the office and submit reports to their supervisors.



After 5:00, local staff take off while non-local staff stay at the accommodation. While living together for the past 2 years, we have become close friends. We know what the likes and dislikes of each other are, and we live with care, sense, and responsibility. We all share happy and sad moments, and eat and play together. We have strong competitors around the Ping Pong table, and the parties at night give us the opportunity for amusement. Praying together gives us relaxation and eating together teaches us respect.



Sometimes it feels strange to imagine a different life than one we have here.         


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