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How to serve the aid with high-quality

Most of the people who refuge from the conflict inside country have lost their own house and any other possessions. JEN has been sustaining such people, and our jobs are required to have high-quality all of times.

Before starting repair of the well, we have the meeting with the Community Workers (CW) from local companies (please see the report dated 9/9/2010 and 9/29/2011) and the members of Well Management Committee (WMC) who maintain the well after completion of the repair. And at the meeting, we share the reason why our job is required high-quality and how to evaluate it.
Our technical staffs make learning tools and lecture CW and WMC who are not expert of architecture.


During the repair work, JEN’s technical staffs, the field officers and CW have checked general work progress and details of each work, for example, the content rate of sand, cement and metal of the cement blocks.


After completion of the work, the well is delivered to local people.
However, JEN’s job has not been finished yet. We do final confirmation of the quality after 6 months. If we find any defect in caused by mal-construction progress, we repair again the defect.




The above-mentioned work which we are pursuing the high-quality aid.

June 21, 2012 in Sri Lanka |