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Faiz chronicle of Japan (Iraq Head of Office)


I was very glad to meet my colleagues from other countries and to exchange thoughts and ideas among staff. We had a three day training program for the development of supervisors, and it was a lovely environment as all of us talked straightforwardly and professionally about our past and current experiences. The meeting place was vary comfortable and my colleagues had a good sense of humor to ease the tension in the room when the atmosphere was very serious. I found that time management is taken very seriously in the Japanese way of living, and this was especially true in the workshop.



It was a good experience for me to talk about my culture to my Japanese colleagues, who were very interested to understand other cultures. I was really happy when they prepared Muslim food for me. The rice was delicious and I was able to improve my ability to eat with chopsticks during my stay.

I really admired Tokyo because it was the cleanest city I have ever been to. Also, the people there are very polite. I found people smiling in every shop I visited and they were trying to help me when they discovered that I cannot speak Japanese. The metro and train systems were perfect and I was able to plan my schedule precisely to the nearest two minutes.

June 28, 2012 in Iraq |