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【Eastern Zone】Prices and Water Supply

In 2009, the war was over and the country is returning to peace, but due the rise of crude oil prices that began on February this year, the price of every other product is rising and making the citizens suffer.

On the other hand, there is still the problem of securing the water supply of Eastern Batticaloa District, but thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our supporters in Japan, the project has reached its third year.

The excavation works began on May 15th starting from Vellaveli DS in Batticaloa. Usually near the coast of Batticaloa, water begins to spring out after you drill 3 meters deep into the ground, but in this zone you need to drill about 9 meters. This is a picture of JEN’s monitoring staff in the Kudumbimalai GN in Kiran DS (also called the region of Thoppigala, the last region under dispute and base of the LTTE) on May 17th.

This is a picture of the state of the excavation works in Vellaveli DS. They are using a rock drill.

The water content inspections began on May 21st. This is a picture of one of the inspections in Kiran DS.

Due to the fluctuations of stone material prices, we had to restart negotiations with the supplier, and although it was difficult, on May 30th the stone cutting works started.

Presently, JEN’s office in Batticaloa is giving its best to finish the stone cutting works of all 31 bases before the rain season starts in October. We hope to keep receiving your kind support from now on.

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