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Business Trip for Islamabad

I, Reiko Ando am charged with the Afghanistan and Pakistan project at Tokyo Office.
I have gone to Islamabad for a business trip from 1st to 7th, June. I’d like to share my work there.

In JEN’s projects in Afghanistan, our Japanese international staffs have not been allowed to reside inside of Afghanistan country due to deterioration of the security situation, and they are commanding the projects remotely.
JEN has two offices in Afghanistan, at the capital Kabul and Charikar in Province of Parwan. Our local staffs are conducting project activities there.

On this occasion, we brought over 3 of local staffs to Islamabad for the meeting.
In the meeting, we have discussed future strategies of Afghanistan projects and our security measures.
While Province of Parwan where JEN are conducting the projects, have been thought to be safe relatively, we could not see any sign of restoration of the security situation.
We must make progress our project carefully.
Spreading a big map, we have seriously discussed what district and what rotation we should get access to, what transportation device is safe, and where we should have a stronghold office next year, 2013.


While our Japanese international staffs have not been allowed to visit the field site, our local staffs who have been giving us various information there, are honestly dependable.
We had lunch with them and our local staffs of Pakistan projects who have also turned out Islamabad, and ate my fill of Pakistan food at a nearby restaurant from our office. 


It is necessity a close coordination among the local staffs, Japanese international staffs and head office staffs for a success of our Afghanistan projects.
Although we could not meet each other at short intervals, we will devote our maximum effort to making better help from each place and position.


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