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【breaking local news】Damage by typhoon No.4

We'd like to offer our deepest condolences to those who were impacted by typhoon No.4. The following is a report of how typhoon No.4 hit Ishinomaki. On the 19th, ten thousand people of 4300 households in the coastal areas of Ishinomaki were told to evacuate their homes.
Local government took precautions to prevent people from suffering inundation in low land areas where the earthquake had caused subsidence because a typhoon-generated rainstorm at the time of high tide on the 20th was to be expected. (The Kahoku-shinpou, June 20)

JEN has been supporting a wide range of fishery activities in the coastal areas of Ishinomaki since last year. We got in touch with each coastal area and checked the damage caused by the typhoon in the morning of the 20th. We found that the electricity went out last night in some households of Higashihama but it has been restored. We were relieved to find out that the aquaculture facilities did not sustain any serious losses. One of our staff living in the Oshika peninsula also reported that the typhoon didn't inflict too much damage other than the water-covered roads. Some roads are still flooded.

【Morning July 20; Route 398 near Watanoha-sawada; Water-covered road】

【Morning July 20; A mountain road leading to the Oshika peninsula; Rainwater made a stream.】

Although typhoon No.4 didn't cause any serious damages, some slopes, as shown in this picture, contain water and pose the threat of a possible landslide. Some trees are also found toppled in mountain forests. In order to avoid serious damage by typhoon No.5, everybody needs to be prepared.

【The typhoon drenched a parking lot at a convenience store.】

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