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Sewing on a machine for pleasure

The flowers of cherry trees in Ishinomaki opened in late April. Today, I'd like to introduce what it was like "Mono Dukuri Ochako(A bee cafe: a gathering of peers to accomplish a job that are difficult to carry out alone and allow socialization during an otherwise tedious chore like sewing; refreshments such as tea, coffee are provided by the group)." at the temporary meeting place where JEN is assisting local people to enhance the vibrancy of their community.

On April 28 to 29, under the clement weather, nine volunteers from MITSUI & CO., LTD helped women living in a temporary housing complex make pouches on sewing machines.

Benesse Corporation wanted people in disaster areas to make use of sewing machines at a place like this meeting place and so donated thirteen sewing machines. Back numbers of specialized magazines on handcraft and do-it-yourself-kit for sewing were also donated by Benesse Corporation as well as materials to make pouches.

They were motivated by looking at naturally-derived and beautiful clothing fabric and ready to work on making pouches. They chatted lovely one another over their work:

"Next step is do the sewing in this way...","I wonder I'm doing fine!"," Oh dear, you have already done that!"

For those who are not so experienced in sewing on machines volunteers taught them how to use them.

People talked differently: "If you sew on machine, you are able to have a beautiful finish!", "I used to make these kinds of things.", "This is lovely and right size to carry my insurance card inside", "I'll present this to my granddaughter."

People were filled with joys of finishing lovely crafts and spending cheerful and happy hours.
JEN is committed to continuing to help people keep smiles on their faces.

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