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Progress on the Construction of School Facilities

School construction work in Bagram District and Jabalussaraj District in Parwan Province we had reported before has been steadily advanced at all 23 schools. We will show you the progress situation on the construction work at some of the school facilities.


(Gulbahar Darul Hifaz School in Jabalussaraj District)

The groundbreaking ceremony was held before the start of building construction. School and government officials, local residents and local staff of JEN had attended the ceremony. All of the attendees prayed for the construction work to be completed safely. We will proceed the building construction by cooperating each other to provide a safe school environment for children as soon as possible.


Construction of 8 classrooms at Ezzat Khil School in Jabalussaraj District.
The platform is being built.


Construction of outside wall at Abozar Ghafari School in Jabalussaraj District.
Bricks are being built up one by one.


Construction of a water storage tank with hand-wash station at  Gulbahar 2 Girls School in Jabalussaraj District.
The pipes come out from both sides of the brick walls will be the water outlet for children to wash their hands.


Renovation work of the existing school building at the Bagram Girls School in Bagram District.
Repaint work is being done at the wall.

Well Drilling at the Bagram Girls School in Bagram District.
Since there is no water facility, children were carrying water from canals and villages in suburban areas. By digging a well, clean and safe water will be secured immediately.

Construction of bathroom at Naseri Girls School in Bagram District.
Environmentally friendly ecological sanitation bathroom has been built this year again.

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