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New staff introduction

My name is Tasuku Futamura. I’m a new staff member of the Pakistan office.
Pakistan is a hot country as I expected that.
I asked how the local people think about this hotness here, and they answered they are also hot.


The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, I live in is very comfortable to live. We can talk in English in the city and there are a lot of trees and birds.
I have no lack of purveying of article for daily use and there are food imports and electrical appliance in the stores.
But this comfortableness is only a part of Pakistan and there are a lot of people who are forced the poverty lives.
I’d like to board my view by hearing many, seeing a lot and feeling much to apply of better support program.


I’ve joined JEN’s program since April and worked for Tohoku support project.
A lot of people rushed into our program regardless of the individuals, groups nor companies.
We got many supports from the people who can’t visit Tohoku directly and they also give us a lot of learning and cooperation.
Although Pakistan is far foreign country from Japan but I’ll do my best with my whole heart to get many interests and supports from the people for Pakistan Program as Tohoku project was.


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