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May coastal fisheries be alive with activity!: Continued efforts toward the recovery of coastal fishing industry.

JEN are engaged in a variety of fishery support activities at fisheries in Ishinomaki city since last year. The activities are based on the cooperation from many people who understand and support JEN. Today, we are going to introduce our efforts toward the recovery of coastal fishing industry in ten fisheries that are under the control of the Ishinomaki branch office of the Japan Fisheries Cooperatives, or JF.

In Ishinomaki city, the tsunami has also afflicted ten fisheries: Sasuhama, Sawada, Ogihama, Samuraihama, Orihama, hamagurihama, tsukiura, Momoura, Otakehama and Tashiroshima, and swept away their fishing equipment as well as other fisheries. While many people were doubtful about the recovery of fishing industry, it was the International Rescue Committee, or IRC, an American nongovernmental organization, that began to support fishing industry in those ten fisheries along with JEN. So far since this February, we have been able to supply people engaging in coastal fishing activities in those fisheries with skytanks, a forklift truck, palettes, a kelp cropping machine and plastic catches containers.

【Skytanks delivered to fishermen.】

【The kelp cropping machine will increase yields.】

In mid April, we visited a fishing village to deliver a forklift truck and pallets with people from IRC who had just come to see how their assistance was being implemented. People there welcomed us and the ceremony to unveil a brand-new forklift truck drew cheers and applause from them. That was the happiest moment for us to be able to watch people filled with pleasure. They immediately test-droved the forklift truck.

【One woman got the forklift truck running!】

One of the women said to us "Since the tsunami swept away everything, we have been at a loss what to do next.... We are so glad to have help from you. Thank you!" Right behind the forklift truck in a trail run, there remained a pitiful sight with heavily damaged houses by the tsunami left derelict. We were able to feel the strength of people who were willing to cope with difficulties with smiles on their faces even in such environment. Keeping people's smile within its heart, JEN will continue to find out what is needed in each fisheries and engage in supportive activities.


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