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Mango season, Rainy season and Cholera season


Before the actual rainy season starts, it has started raining since the end of March in Haiti.

From time to time, the raining turned in to squall especially from evening to night.

The rain affects people's daily lives that roads would be blocked, bridges would fall down and also Cholera infection started increasing.

Once the season for Mangoes came, the local Haitian staffs started telling us: “When the mango season and the rainy season come, Cholera season will come along with them!"

When mangoes are in season, you can see them sold everywhere.



According to the Haitian staffs, the more delicious mangoes appear on the market, the more people eat them without washing them.

It seems that could trigger infectious diseases including cholera.

*In Haiti, people just take a bite of mangoes with skin on them.

In the middle of April, Haiti government and the international organization launched anti-cholera vaccination campaign to avoid cholera epidemic.

Under the circumstances, JEN is currently conducting hygiene promotion training by the Haitian staffs in 7 communities.

May 24, 2012 in Haiti |