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LANCOME events by L'Oréal Paris at HANA house, meeting place: Makeup lessen, yoga class and hand massage service

In April 12, LANCOME Events hosted by L'Oréal Paris took place at HANA house and also at a meeting place in Katsuma district: HANA house is a community cafe established by L'Oréal Pari and managed by JEN: each temporary housing complex has a meeting place within its premises. At the events, many people joined makeup lesson, yoga class and enjoyed getting a hand massage.

When you walked into HANA house, you first saw a wide variety of cosmetics on its table. With sparkling eyes, women looked at beauty aids such as basic skin care products, facial serum steamers, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, manicure and so on. When I asked some woman how she felt, she answered with a smile on her face "Well..., I wonder how I look, if I have my face done expertly. My heart flutters with fears and hopes."

【Exciting makeup lesson to start. 】

On the bulletin board in HANA house, women after making up their faces posted their photos with their comments, which photos showed expertly made up visages of them.
I heard one of them say "Well, as the makeup makes my face attractive, it also makes my skin complexion rosy and I feel refreshed." Many attendees were there, some of them were repeat visitors of the previous event and others came with their friends.

【HANA house crowded with visitors. 】

Hand-massage service and Rody yoga class were going on as well as the makeup lesson and there was an air of excitement in HANA house.

【Hand massages brought smiles to people's face. 】

【Many toy horses, Rody, were welcoming visitors. 】

Another venue for the event was also crowded with a lot of visitors and they had a good time. The Rody yoga class that uses jumping toy horses, Rody, is a moderate exercise that gets people slightly sweaty. A woman who was enjoying the yoga said "Jumping up and down is a great fun just like kids. The Rody is cute and refreshing." The Rody yoga stretched and relaxed both their mind and bodies and that's why they looked so happy with nice smiles on their faces.

【Practice Rody yoga in a circle. 】120507_dsc02062

Although the makeup lesson and hand massage service are prepared to service three people at the same time respectively, they were so high in demand that people waited in line. A woman waiting for her turn over tea seemed to be excited and said "I have come here after washing my face so that I may have my face done immediately."

【People waited in line for the makeup lesson. 】

At the makeup lesson section, a woman there seemed happier to see them getting more and more beautiful as they getting their makeup on. And another woman was trying to learn to make up her face by herself like taking lessons at a makeup class, such as how to wear eye shadow and use cheek cosmetics expertly.

At the hand massage section, a woman had her trigger points in her hands pressed and, as the massage improved the circulation of her blood and alleviated the tension in her shoulders, she said happily "I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. My hands have turned much whiter."

【Getting a hand massage is relaxing. 】

It's certainly been a laugh-filled day. If people cared their body, that got to their heart directly and got their eyes shining. People with a positive frame of mind and smiling faces seemed to have much nicer chat than usual.

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