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Issue of Price Boost in Juba

JEN was currently proceeding budget for projects in next tern at Juba office. We suffered from the recent price boost in Juba for the budgeting. The conflict near border of South Sudan and Sudan is escalating this year and abeyance of oil export and expense of war triggers the price boost.

People’s life suffered from this price boost. For instance:
 Chapati introduced before as “Street Gourmet” used to be 2 pounds with egg and toppings, however, it is now 2pounds (applox. 35JPY)without egg and toppings. It is going to be 4 pounds (applox. 70JPY) with egg.


4-5 ping-pong ball sized small onions are 10 pounds (applox. 177JPY). A large onion is 10pounds.

 A egg is 1pound (17JPY)

Average price for a meal at local restaurant is 12-15 pounds (applox. 215-270JPY). It was 5pounds (applox. 90-120JPY) a year ago.
(For 2 people)


The fee of motorbike taxi starts changing, although it is popular means of transportation for citizen. At this moment, the price of fuel is deferment, however, many petrol stations are closed as it is extremely difficult to obtain fuel. There are very long queues in front of open petrol stations. Cars, motor bike and people’s queue. It is extremely chaotic like we cannot find the exit for fed cars.
When will the price boost in South Sudan stop? How will the conflict’s conclusion be? There are lots of issues for new-born South Sudan. People just started taking a step toward solutions of many problems.

Please kindly keep supporting us.

May 24, 2012 in South Sudan |