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Hey! The fish tanks just came!

Higashi-hama[the word-for-word translation of Higashi-hama is Eastern seashores], an area along the saw tooth coastline of the Oshika Peninsula and the eastern part of Ishinomaki-city, has five seashores: Fuki-ura, Kanotate, Kitsunezaki, Takenohama and Makinohama.
On May 11, the fishermen in Higashi-hama were provided with skytanks on a beautiful sunny day with the support of UBS Securities Japan Co.

【The fishermen are putting stickers on the fish tanks.】

While the fishermen are living by fishing sandeel and gathering kelp, they prepare in their spare time for oyster culture such as making mother shells to raise oysters and planting oyster seed. The fishing season for sandeel and kelp is almost ending and they will move on to fishing flatfish and mantis shrimp using gill nets. If it had been a usual year, they would have started gill net fishing, but, as it has been a poor catch perhaps because this year's seawater temperature stays low, they are going to start it in full swing from late this month (May) 

【The fishermen turn out one after another.】

While they ship mantis shrimps fresh to markets, it is the fish tanks which are critical for them to ship, with which they have been provided this time.
As those half-ton tanks are one size smaller than standard ones, they can directly load them onto outboards and keep catches alive inside them off coast. After returning from fishing, they unship those fish tanks and forklift them onto trucks and ship them alive to market.

【The fishermen have a pleasant chat surrounding the fish tanks】


One of the fisherman said "Well you know, they are really help, we can't manage without them!" They gathered with smiles on their faces and fork lifted and carried those fish  tanks on light trucks. Now they are ready for a large catch. The fishermen have stepped forward consistently and steadily toward recovery since the aftermath of the post-tsunami disaster. JEN will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with people in Higashi-hama promoting the recovery of fishery, the key industry of Ishinomaki-city.

【The fishermen reaffirm their determination to recovery and take a commemorative photo.】

【Higashih-hama is still on the process of recovery】

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