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Goat Management at JEN Warehouse in D I Khan

The current livelihood project may look easy from the surface but in reality it is very complicated and difficult. We have to watch out for a lot of things that can have adverse effects on health.

According to the JEN policy, Beetal goats are carried from various cities of Punjab to the JEN warehouses in Dera Ismail Khan. These goats are kept in quarantine for 7-10 days. Before the arrival of the goats, the warehouse is cleaned and disinfected under the supervision of a veterinary assistant to ensure an infection free environment.

The transportation process is very difficult because we can’t carry more than 45 goats in our transporting truck. These goats are pregnant and fight each other in the truck, so sometimes goats are injured by the time they arrive at the JEN warehouse. The injured goats need special treatment which is both time consuming and sensitive.

Vaccination: During the 7 days of Quarantine, the Goats (Nanny/Billy) are vaccinated against the diseases which prevail in Dera Ismail Khan (i.e. Pest despetitis Ruminants (PPR), Enterotoxaemia and Contagious Caprine pleura pneumonia (CCPP)) every other day.

Watering: During the seven days, animals are given soluble vitamins in their drinking water to avoid stress from transportation and vaccination. Nanny Goats are free to drink water at any time while Billy goats can drink three times a day.

May 31, 2012 in Pakistan |