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Difficulty with Going through a River

One of current JEN’s project is reconstruct and clean a well in Theripuram GN
, Mullativu District, which is located in a coastal area.

A river flows in the village and people had used a reinforced concrete bridge built before the conflicts occurred. However, the bridge collapsed overnight. After the conflicts occurred, broken cars and bicycles were mounted in the neighborhood and some people change these things into money. The bridge was apparently taken by that kind of people.

Village people started to use a log instead of the stolen bridge. Do you remember there are balance beams in the elementary school gym? The width of the log bridge is just like a balance beam. JEN staff at first felt fear to walk on the bridge, however, there is no choice but to walk on it in order to support people in need.





Practicing walking with balance on a narrow bridge, now he can afford to make an eye contact with the photographer.


May 10, 2012 in Sri Lanka |