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Various topics – Through monitorings -

Last week, we visited project sites at Morobo county to check progress. The project was at a final stage at that time and wells had been installed in each site. We will close up people we met there.

David Baiga(right/ 30 y/o) works for Ududra primary school as volunteer latrine construction staff. His wife, Jessica (20) visits his work almost everyday to see him.

He had ever worked as a farmer or daily employed staff but he obtained constructing skills. It makes Jessica positive for everything. David also said that he was glad that Jessica visited him everyday.

She is Grace (16) wearing blue shirts and drawing water from newly installed well at the primary school. She moved out her home and helps her aunt who has a family of 12. It used to take 40 minutes there and back to draw water but it now takes only 15minutes. They now can complete cooking and washing in short time and can have a relaxed time.

Children drink water happily  Lujulo West primary school.


At Wongoboro primary school too.


Hygiene education at the school. JEN staff performed a puppet show. People who just passed there also saw the show.


JEN staff performed in an enthusiastic way at back stage.


In the end, everyone joined a photo taking.
(This project is supported by JPF and everyone.)

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