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【Northern Zone】The visit of the JPF monitoring team

On March 28th Jens`s staff accompanied the Japan Platform monitoring team on its visit of the project site.
In the morning, we go to monitor the cleaning and repair labors of the well that began on January in the Theripuram GN of Puthukkudiyiruppu DS the Mullativu District.


In the picture below we can see the moment when they are carefully pulling down a cement block down to the bottom of a well under repair.


They use the cement as an adhesive and they keep piling up the blocks one after each other.


To visit the villagers we had to carefully pass through many trenches and small mountains of soil that were used in the war to prevent enemy attacks, but after a lot of effort we managed to arrive at last . After a few of the houses were monitored


We check the repair and cleaning labors of the well and also the construction of a temporary dwelling facilities with toilet on December of last year.


After getting the permission of the villagers, we are shown the already constructed toilet and they tell us a few stories inside the house.


In Sri Lanka the New Year is celebrated in the middle of April, but by that period the second rain season hits. JEN’s office is giving his best to finish the stone cutting labors before the access to the construction site becomes difficult because of the rain. We hope to keep receiving your kind support from now on.

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