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Materials for hygiene promotion workshop

JEN is now working in 5 prefectures in Iraq on 2 major projects. One is school renovation project for elementary and secondary school and the other is hygiene promotion project.

In the hygiene promotion project, JEN helps people to understand what kind of action should they take in their daily life to prevent infection by emphasizing practices such as washing hands or brushing teeth. The materials used in hygiene promotion are designed by JEN with advice from the Ministry of Education in Iraq.


We have had very careful review of the contents, as well as repeated discussion with the Ministry of Education. At end of this March, we finally got an approval of the ministry to use this for the purpose of hygiene education. Because it is not allowed in Iraq to print educational material without their approval, this meant that we could now send copy to printing at last.

The new hygiene education workshops using this materials will be implemented from the middle of April at many schools.

April 12, 2012 in Iraq |