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Jimmie Pierre, our new colleague in Haiti

I am Jimmie Pierre, a new general affairs & finance assistant.  I was born and grown up in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti. I am 39 years old and also a father of twin daughters.


I am a member of organization named CUSOPHAJ which introduces and promotes Japanese culture to here in Haiti. In this organization I am learning things around Japan and teaching Japanese language as a volunteer teacher for beginner course as well.

I have worked 13 years as a teacher, but wanted to have experience in different field. That is why I started my new carrier in JEN two weeks ago. I have many good colleagues here and JEN is one of the NGO who carries out visible and definitive support in Haiti.

There are still aftermaths of the earthquake here.  But I believe that we Haitians could meet JEN in such circumstance will bring good result to our future.

April 19, 2012 in Haiti |