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Construction of School Facilities began

JEN is deploying several support programs in Parwan Province now.

The biggest project is “Maintenance of School Environment and Health Education Project”. The construction of school facilities and the support for health education to teachers and students that we reported before will be conducted in parallel during one-year program term.

The school construction work began from 2 of April.


In the construction of school facilities this year, we will deploy the construction and renovation work of school buildings and classrooms, with a focus on water and hygiene facilities, to 23 schools in need of support in Bagram District and Jabalussaraj District in Parwan Province (please refer to the map above). 77 construction and restoration works are planned at these 23 schools.

There are 78 schools in these two districts described above that are permitted to provide regular education by the Department of Education. The construction will be conducted in
23 schools with the highest support needs, but health education program will be deployed at all schools.

Co-operation with education department and local residents in villages is crucial in deploying support project, so we make an agreement with the related parties case by case. Agreement with local residents is made by the school level. This year, we have concluded contract with school acting committees formed at 78 schools.

Furthermore, local residents of the 23 schools, Department of Education, and JEN have concluded wye agreement, aiming for smoother procedure and management of the construction works this year.

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