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A challenge to make " Hanging Hina " by people living in temporary housing

JEN continues its efforts to promote community activities in temporary housing complex and as a part of its activities people living there are now challenging to make 'Hanging Hina': Hnaging Hina are dolls that represent Emperor and Empress and their servants and displayed on March 3 to celebrate the Doll's Festival(Girl's day); they are made of old kimono cloth and hung by code from ceilings so as to save space to display.

This challenge follows one in March, in which people challenged to make Hina Dolls: Hina Dolls also represent Emperor and their servants but displayed on a special step-altar, (See people challenging to make Hina Dolls here.)

The challenge came from the voice of people; people will make one cord of Hunging Hina every month to prepare for next year's Doll's Festival.

One day in April, they are working on making owl dolls. I heard someone say "Since I was not able to come last month, I did hope to come this month." They were seriously involved in their work. Owls are believed to bring good luck to people or help people to avoid hardship because the word owl in Japanese has the same sounds as words for "good luck" and "free from hardship".

【Many people have gathered as usual. 】


A woman who squinted her eyes saying "Oh, I can't see the needle!" had a help in threading a needle from her neighbor at the table. From what I heard, they had lived close to each other before the disaster. Although they have got to live in the temporary housing, bonds among their neighbors have taken root,

【Their cheerful conversations are almost audible】


After they enjoyed potluck luncheon at the noon over rice balls, pickles and hot soup hand-made by JEN staff, they continued to make owl dolls. There was also a male participant among them and the finish of his owl doll was so excellent that people couldn't imagine that it was his first try and raised a cheer. JEN will continue its supportive efforts to develop a community where many people naturally gather and get into conversation with each other.

【An owl doll made by a mail participant 】


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