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Election of the water control committee in Laberger

In early February, a new project called “Improvement project of water hygiene environment through the water control committee in Leogane district”has been kicked off. 

In this project, we will work on improving water and hygiene environment in seven communities across Leogane district located to the West of the capital Port-au-Prince.

In Haiti, we have seen many wells being left broken a few years after being dug due to lack of proper engineering or as a result of the long-term international support.

JEN will be responsible for establishing a system to maintain a well in each community.

At Laberger, which is one of the seven communities, they used to use water from the river as their drinking water. We will dig a well and establish a system which will be controlled and run by the local residents. That way, the hygiene environment can be maintained sustainably.

Here, we would like to introduce you a  "Haitian"style election for the water control committee which we just had the other day.


First of all, according to the pre-meeting with JEN staff, this man who is the leader figure in the local community explained about JEN's project, the water control committee and each candidate running for the committee.


As we listened to this piglet singing...


The election for the water control committee was carried out with voting by show of hands.

Mommy threw her vote as she fed her baby.

However, it got difficult to count raised hands. So they moved on to the style of true or false game just like "If you vote for person A come this way and for person B go that way. " Then everybody followed the instruction.

After a few rounds of moving around, members for the water control committee have been elected. We have to say it was a "Haitian"style election that everyone was laughing and having fun.


(This project is supported by your generous support and Japan Platform. )

March 22, 2012 in Haiti |