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【Recovery support through music No.2, Instruments donation to Ishinomaki firefighter musical band】

On March 9 JEN at work of recovery support activity in Ishinomaki, along with mudef a foundation, which is operating “HOPE FOR JAPAN”, donated music instruments to the firefighter musical band of local government association for broad-based administrative affairs in Ishinomaki(hereinafter referred to as musical band).

【Donation of musical instruments 】

This donation done by mudef and JEN was followed by the one to all told 16 of primary, junior high and high school in Ishinomaki city. 

The musical band has given fire prevention concerts, parade and regular concerts at Ishinomaki city, Higashimatsuhima city and Onagawa-machi with the slogan of “Appeal for ‘Be aware of fire’ through music.” and been loved by local people. Two members of the musical band were killed in the line of duty by the March 11 disaster and in addition, ten of their fifty five instruments and all of their uniforms have been affected. Since then they have been unable to practice music and join events held in the region.

【Instruments Survived the March disaster】

Although resuming its activity has been desired, there have been no aids for instruments. Knowing this hardship, JEN and mudef donated music instruments with the collaboration of GLAY, a rock band which sympathizes with the policy of ‘HOPE FOR JAPAN’.

Those are ten instruments, which were damaged by the tsunami, including an alto saxophone, a tenor saxophone, a soprano saxophone, a piccolo, a flute, a horn, a euphonium, a harmony director and two clarinets. At the presentation ceremony, their thanks from representatives were strongly expressed such as “Even now fifty members are engaging in searching for missing persons every day.”, ”We will try hard to resume our activity.” Those members with new instruments in hand looked smiling to hear the new sound.

【Unscheduled performing of instruments 】

JEN stuff also look forward to hearing their playing local-minded music.


【Make a fresh resolve】

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