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Prices rising in Sri Lanka

At the same time that it has been said that Sri Lanka’s economy grew by 8% last year, here in Sri Lanka prices are also soaring to the roof .

For example, the bus, main mean of transport for many people here, used to cost 6 rupees for a ride in the city of Colombo a year ago and it has soared to 7 to 10, and now to 12 rupees which is twice as expensive. Try to think that the City Bus prices go up from 200yen to 400yen or that Tokyo’s subway would cost 320 yen instead of 160 yen. Now it is easier to imagine the problem, right? 

This is mainly because of the rise of gas prices that began last February, which has triggered an increase on the bus fees.

But of course the increase of prices does not only affect the bus.

Another example is the enormous rise of the electricity prices. Sri Lanka mainly produces its electricity with thermal power plants, so when gas prices soar the way it is happening now, it obviously has an impact on every person’s electricity bill.

March 22, 2012 in Sri Lanka |