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One Year After the Disaster; A n Event to Pray for Recovery at HANA house

On March 10 JEN held an event "Let's make HANA ('flower' in Japanese) of hope bloom" at HANA house in Kaduma district to pose to pray for recovery before reaching the first anniversary of the disaster. HANA house is a community cafe aiming to support recovering a regional community and opened last November with the help of JEN's supporters. On that day with the news that popular personality Bobby Ologun coming to help people take heart, about 300 people from children to the elderly in the region gathered at the HANA house. When Mr. Bobby came on stage giving them cheerfully "Hello, everyone!", people there shouted with pleasure and the place was packed in the atmosphere of happiness.

【Mr. Bobby's light talk of humor suffuse people's face with a broad smile】

After his talk, people were served with pan-fried noodles of Ishinomaki thanks to the cooperation of "the academy of brown pan-fried noodles of Ishinomaki ." Sweet smelling pan-fried noodles lured such many people into standing in line at its tented booth that a total of 500 helpings of pan-fried noodles were served, substantially exceeding the original quantity of helping by 200.

【Keep looking at pan-fried noodles being cooked】

【 Very cheerful looking Grammas' "Jyoshikai"(Jyoahikai is hot among girls in Japan now, a girls night out to enjoy chatting over dinner or drinks,)】 

Employees from NIHON L’OREAL ltd. provided a makeup course and a hand massage service. They were so high in demand that people waited in line, men enjoyed the hand massage service as well. Each of them spent time in relaxing in ways they want.

At another place carpentering birdhouses and benches took place. Members of the architecture club at the Ishinomaki industrial high school along with their teachers were working on making birdhouses reflecting the image of birds that fly high in the future and benches with children for their use.

【Learn to go through with even difficult tasks】

Looking at finished birdhouses and benches before them, children looked happy filled with a sense of achievement. They painted favorite pictures and signed messages on those birdhouses; among them a birdhouse with "Kaduma, Hang in there." was seen.

【A birdhouse filled with their aspiration 】

JEN will continue its efforts to support communities, listening and responding to children's yearning for recovery.

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