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Help Out Fishermen in Sasunohama-shore; Socialize with Local Fishermen.

n Saturday the 24th of March, we asked people from Mitsui & Co. to work on garbage collection at Sasuhama in Ishinomaki city. Although a lot of snow still lingerd around in Sasunohama where much of houses were demolished by the tsunami, they collected rotted bamboos, bicycles and household appliances being carried here by the tsunami. While they were working, an aunt presented canned coffee drinks heated in a pan of hot water to them and they had a brief break with those canned coffees in their hands. A fisherman told them what happened in Sasuhama at the time of the disaster such as how raging waves coming toward them and people fled up to mountains.

In the afternoon, they made arrangements for tomorrow's festival "The festival to celebrate the fresh start of oyster farming in Sasunohama".

We had asked people from Mitsui & Co. to help fishermen in making mother shells (Karakosashi), which is the initial step for oyster farming, and oyster seeding. Thanks to their assistance fishermen were able to harvest grownup oysters, because of this fishermen decided to serve those oysters at the festival.

【Classify Oysters of Rough Appearance One by One 】

【Remove Satins from Mussels 】


Local fishermen and aunts enjoyed making the arrangement for the festival with a laugh now and then.

Now next day is the festival. More information will follow in the next blog.

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