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Gomal University

Pakistan is abundant in agriculture as 27% of the land is cultivated. It is ranked as the fourth largest milk producing country in the world due to the abundance of livestock such as buffalo, sheep, goat, and camel.

For this reason, agriculture and animal husbandry are important parts of the Pakistani economy and in order to continuously grow these fields, it is essential to develop specialists.

As a way to develop these specialists, there is a famous agricultural university called Gomal University in Dera Ismail Khan, where the JEN office is located.


Gomal University is ranked 12th among the universities in Pakistan with a high reputation and provides a wide range of lectures from undergraduate to graduate studies.


For the undergraduate program, there are 4 departments  (literature, agriculture, pharmacy, and science), which are split into a total of 29 courses.

120301_2 (Picture: The Department of Agriculture)

In conjunction with Gomal University, Gomal College of Veterinary Sciences in Dera Ismail Khan has started a 5-year veterinary science doctorate program. Hundreds of students have graduated so far and are working in the animal husbandry field.


The animal specialist from the current JEN office in charge of animal husbandry instructor training is one of the graduates.


Gomal University not only accepts students from Pakistan, but also various countries like Afghanistan and Gulf countries. There are 30 to 40 students from Afghanistan every year that take doctorate program mentioned above.

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