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For my grandchild – Hina Doll making at makeshift housing complex

“I’m making Hina Dolls for my grandchild, because they were flushed away by Tsunami.  JEN has been undertaking Hina Doll making in makeshift housing complex throughout the Ishinomaki district, Miyagi Prefecture.  The Doll’s festival is coming soon here in Japan in March. Since residents in makeshift houses were hardly feeling seasonal events, JEN is now engaged in letting people feel seasons.

The picture below is showing how residents spend some time in the gathering meeting room in the makeshift housing complex.


In cooperation with volunteers, JEN provided patterns, colored paper, and materials for parts of Hina Dolls. Instructors of Hina Doll making are local people in this Ishinimaki.

More residents are now enjoying making crafts in makeshift houses with local instructors.

Learning fine skills from those instructors, residents look happy making up crafts things over cups of tea. 

Residents living in makeshift houses suffer from various troubles.

People who don’t know each other have to should introduce themselves first.

Gathering Meeting rooms can help residents know each other. Tea parties and making-things sponsored by JEN can help residents make up their community.


Some people  happen to  start talking about themselves in time.
Others make Hina Dolls for their grandchildren whose Hina Dolls flushed away in Tsunami. Still others make Hina Dolls for their dead grandchildren.

Eloquent Hina Dolls made by those residents are now welcoming the 1st Doll’s Festival after the Great Earthquake in the makeshift housing complex.

March 1, 2012 in Tohoku earthquake |