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First Batch of Goats at JEN Warehouse in D I Khan

So it’s time to go for the distribution; a core activity of the Livelihood Recovery project for IDPs in D I Khan. But wait……. Just 1 week to 10 days (for IDPs). It’s a tough test for their patience but Goats have to go quarantined. It’s good both for the goats and IDPs. Goats will get healthy and the IDPs will get healthy goats.

190 female goats and 10 male goats are present at JEN warehouse. They came here after JEN Livestock expert gave them a final touch based on selection criteria in district Checha Watani, province Punjab. The selection criterion is interesting; typical roman nose, long flat ears, small or medium size horns, huge body, variable coat color and 3 to 4 months pregnant.


Goats are staying in a sweet home (warehouse/farmhouse). It can be called as a luxury house for them as the covered area is larger than number of goats stay there. It also has opened area which is quite larger for them and fence from all sides. The covered area is further divided in various pens (Partitions); goats with advance pregnancy, goats that are comparatively weak and diseased goats are kept in separate pens.


The goats are vaccinated against the endemic infectious diseases to provide immunity against the fatal infectious diseases. The warehouse has plenty of wooden menges (the section where goats eat food) and cemented water troughs to ensure good feeding and watering of the goats. The goats are fed with Barseem (crushed wheat straws) and wanda (feedstuff) is provided as additional balance feed to meet the energy requirements of the goats.


So the goats are being through test; Quarantine period of 1 week. Goats those pass the test will get to their destination i.e. their respective owners the IDPs and those fail in the test will be rejected completely or will be given another chance i.e. will be under consideration at warehouse under strict supervision of Livestock Expert to appear for the test next time.

March 29, 2012 in Pakistan |