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Eastern Province: Signing ceremony at the start of a new project

On February 23, a signing ceremony was held to celebrate the start of the project for the construction of agricultural wells and development of community organization . We would like to thank the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and JEN’s supporters for all the assistance they had given us.
The signing ceremony took place solemnly at the Ambassador’s residence, in the presence of Sri Lankan journalists. The Ambassador of Japan, Chief of Economic Cooperation Division, Second Secretary, and other interested parties attended the ceremony.

The representatives from each organization  were honored to take the seats next to the Ambassador for the signing and received the Grant contract. The ceremony then proceeded with speeches from the representatives, the Ambassador’s speech, press conference, and a photograph session.

Since end of February, JEN’s project officers have been meeting with the Head of Kiran County, Head of Chenkalady County, and the District Governor, to report last year’s project achievements. The project officers received verbal compliments from each of them for constructing the wells for the communities in this rocky inland area. They greatly appreciated the large wells with substantial water yield even in the dry season.  The details of the new project for the construction of agricultural wells and development of community organization (to be implemented in 31 sites) were also explained to the Heads of Kiran County, Paddipali County, and Vellavely County. 

(The wells of the new project will be similar to the type shown in the photograph, which is an agricultural well constructed last year.)

While we reported the progress, high officials of Kiran County also gave us a feedback of the comments made by the Deputy Minister of Resettlement during his visit in mid-year 2011, when he inspected the well that had been constructed in FY 2010 with the support of MOFA. We are told that the Deputy Minister had expressed his deepest gratitude upon observing how “the well water is being used not only for agricultural purposes but also for domestic use. The well is being shared by the families of 8 committee members as well as the residents in the neighborhood and has allowed them to actively engage themselves in agriculture for sustainable livelihood improvement.”

 We are now in the third year of implementation of MOFA-funded livelihood support projects. All of the staff members of JEN Sri Lanka will continue to unite our efforts and think and work together with the Sri Lankan people to contribute to the reconstruction and development of Batticaloa District. 
 We thank all of you for your continuous support.

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